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International Immunoglobulin Conference

The International Immunoglobulin Conference
in Interlaken

For three decades, CSL Behring has sponsored a series of high-level scientific meetings in Interlaken, Switzerland. First held in 1981, the International Immunoglobulin Conference (previously Symposium) focuses on scientific and clinical research in the field of polyvalent immunoglobulins.

Research presented at the International Immunoglobulin Conference is consistently at the forefront of immunoglobulin research and clinical practice. Since its inception, the Conference has won the respect and support of top international scientists and clinicians from many different fields of research.

2014 Conference

More than 200 scientists and clinicians attended the 7th International Immunoglobulin Conference (IIC), which was held in Interlaken on April 4-5, 2014. Attendees discussed findings from a broad range of immunoglobulin research with a focus on Immunology, Neurology and Transplantation. Proceedings of the 7th IIC are available as a supplement to the 2014 178 issue of Clin Exp Immunol.

About CSL Behring

CSL Behring is a global leader in the plasma protein biotherapeutics industry. We research, develop, manufacture and market biotherapies that are used to treat serious and rare conditions. Users of our therapies rely on them for their quality of life and, in many cases, for life itself.

Our commitment to saving lives and improving the quality of life for people with serious and rare conditions is evident in everything we do. Whether we are manufacturing and marketing safe and effective products or researching and developing innovative biotherapies, we are first and foremost focused on fulfilling our customers’ needs.

For more than a century, CSL Behring has been providing safe, effective therapies to help improve the lives of people affected by rare and serious medical conditions. In 1978 we produced the world’s first intact (unmodified) human IVIG and then in 1999 was the first to manufacture chromatographically purified IVIG. Today, CSL Behring continues to demonstrate its commitment to immunoglobulin research by sponsoring the International Immunoglobulin Conference and the Interlaken Leadership Awards.